Uses for Scratch Cards

The question is, are scratch cards right for your business? When it comes to marketing, there isn’t a one size fits all solution and what works for one company might not work for another. All organisations, no matter how big or small, benefit from advertising and promotion but would scratch cards really enhance your sales or potential leads? The team at WeDo Scratch Cards believe there are options to suit everyone and consider themselves experts when it comes to creating exciting marketing tools! We’ve put together a list of the types of scratch cards, including the benefits, to convince you that these custom prints are the way forward for your business…

Scratch Cards for Restaurants & Cafes:

Eating at a restaurant or a cafe is an enjoyable experience for many. It’s an opportunity to be waited on, taste delicious food and dodge the washing up! There’s a lot of competition out there, new places open up all the time, so it’s important to be memorable and make people want to return. Offering your customer a scratch card with a bill or with a flyer is an opportunity to enhance the experience and reward loyalty.

You could offer…
  • Free meals
  • Free drinks
  • Discount off your next bill

Scratch Cards for Salons & Spas:

Like restaurants and cafes, salons and spas create an enjoy able experience. They are also reliant on recommendations and repeat custom. Scratch cards are a great way to increase the feel good factor!
You could offer...
  • Free product trial
  • Free treatment
  • Discount off next treatment

Scratch Cards for Retail:

Customers don’t mind shopping around these days and bargain prices are always a draw, so how do you persuade the spenders to give you their pounds? Success in retail is all about having a strong identity and standing out from the crowd. Scratch cards are a fantastic extension of your brand and a way for people to keep you in mind long after they’ve made their purchase.

You could offer…
  • Free product
  • Free codes for online shopping
  • Discount off your next shop in store

Scratch Cards for Employee Incentives:

Every boss knows that happy staff are productive staff. People who feel appreciated and valued are far more likely to go above and beyond their daily duties than those who don’t. Employee incentive scratch cards boost morale and are a great way to recognise and reward top performers.
You could offer…
  • Free coffee
  • GiftVouchers
  • An extra hour in bed

Scratch Cards for Fundraising:

There are so many causes that are worthy of our hard earned money. As it’s impossible to support the mall, fundraisers are faced with the challenge of making their charity or organisation the one that you choose. Scratch cards are a fun way to engage with supporters and thank them for their kind donation with the opportunity to win a prize.

You could offer…
  • Cash prizes
  • Hampers
  • Holidays

Personalised scratch cards:

The possibilities are endless for personalised scratch cards. Tell the team at WeDo Scratch cards your ideas and we will work with you to bring them to life!

Here are just a few examples of personalised scratch cards we’ve produced in the past…

  • Save the date
  • Scratch off travel maps
  • Parking permits
There is now doubt we have a scratch card solution for any requirement, so just get in touch with us and see how we can work together on your project.
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