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Our passion for scratch card printing sets us apart. We are experts in custom scratch cards, offering unmatched quality and efficiency—our rapid service can dispatch small orders within 48 hours.

Trust us to bring a level of craftsmanship to your scratch card printing needs that is second to none.Explore our diverse custom scratch card options, designed to ensure the success of your promotional campaign. With features like full-color printing on both sides—even beneath the latex for orders under 2500—sequential numbering, and additional print on the latex, we cater to all your scratch card requirements within your budget.

Our clients engage their audience with custom scratch cards through various campaigns, such as in-store promotions, fundraising events, employee incentives, direct mail strategies, product launches, and practical applications like scratch-off parking permits.

If you need assistance, our team is ready to guide you through every step, ensuring you receive the most cost-effective solution. You may provide your artwork or utilise our FREE DESIGN service, tailored to your brand's guidelines. Additionally, our product range extends beyond traditional scratch cards—we can produce multiple printed items, such as posters, greeting cards, pads, and postcards.

EXCITING UPDATE: We now offer full-color printing on the latex scratch-off area! Elevate your scratch card printing experience with vibrant colors that capture attention and spark interest.

Many of our clients use custom scratch cards for:
●     In-store Promotional Scratch Cards
●     Fundraising Scratch Cards
●     Employee Incentive Scratch Cards
●     Direct Mail Scratch Cards
●     Scratch Cards for New Product Line Launches
●     Scratch Off Parking Permits  

Our Custom Scratch Cards are a truly engaging marketing tool that offer an interactive and visual experience for customers. This is not a flyer or business card that will be glanced at once and shoved in a drawer. This is an experience that will not only prove a lot of fun for customers but give your company the best possible exposure and make a long lasting impression.

Sports Club

Sports Club Scratch Cards can increase on memberships, sales, and recognition. As part of marketing your events advertise that you will be giving away Scratch Cards with amazing prizes available at your sports event to entice people to attend. Maybe give away merchandise, offer free tickets for the next game, or get local businesses onboard and offer gifts or discounts from their stores/shops. Everyone loves a freebie!

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Sports Club


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There is not a 'one fits all' solution
when it comes to Scratch Card Printing, here are just a few ideas that could
give you food for thought.
Along with the rules and regulations should you want to fundraise for your charity or club.
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Preparing your artwork

We have put together a list of
artwork requirements, a checklist ensure we get the best
from your design files.
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Our standard turnaround time on Scratch Card Printing
is 4-6 working days.
However we know how deadlines are tight from time-to-time so feel free to
contact us to see what we can do for a little extra, you will be surprised! Smaller quantities can be turnaround in as little as 48 hours!

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Grow Your Business With Custom Scratch Off Cards

Scratch Cards - Your New Marketing Tool

Your Problem

Your business is losing the social media algorithm battle, your direct marketing is routinely ignored and print ads don’t offer the same return on investment they once did. Your new range isn’t selling as well as hoped, you’re running out of promotional ideas and need something new to refresh your brand.

How can you boost your engagement rate?

Our Solution

Build your business and entertain customers with an eye-catching promotional custom scratch card. It’s interactive, a great conversation starter and an enriching addition to your marketing strategy.

LMR Creative’s expert team will design and create a personalised scratch card featuring your distinctive branding that engages with new and existing customers in a fun and thrilling way.

With one of our bespoke designed scratch cards you can create a uniquely memorable experience for your existing customer base and potential new customers. They effectively build brand awareness and increase engagement, motivating people to purchase your products and services, while simultaneously entertaining them.

Business scratch cards are a two-way transaction: you are rewarding customers for their loyalty, thus ensuring their continued commitment to your brand, and by offering people the chance to win fun prizes, they’ll keep coming back.


Why Are Custom Scratch Cards So Successful?

●     The winning blend of spontaneity and chance in a ‘scratch and win’ card is irresistible to players;

●     A business scratch card uses creativity in a way that goes beyond the usual everyday marketing, it encourages an emotional connection;

●     The more your customer plays, the more they’ll interact with your business, talk about it on social media and recommend it to their friends.


How To Make Custom Scratch Cards Work for Your Business

Thinking of building a custom scratch card campaign into your marketing strategy? First consider the following:

●     YOUR GOALS - what do you want to achieve from your custom scratch card? Does it fit with your business aims and values? Do you have the resources in place to manage a scratch card scheme? By setting goals at the outset you can easily measure the success of your campaign.

●     YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE - for existing customers, your scratch card could be used to encourage repeat purchasing or as part of an in-store promotion for a brand new product range. You could easily utilise your scratch cards to drive footfall into your business and win new customers.

●     YOUR CALL TO ACTION - as entertaining as a scratch card may be for the customer, there’s more to a bespoke designed business scratch card than prizes. A scratch card is your opportunity to impart a message to the public, so before you make your order clarify what that message should be. If it’s simply to shout about your amazing business, ensure your contact information is clear and easy to understand. Splash your branding all over it so people can easily connect the scratch card to your business (consistency is everything!). If you decide to make every scratch card a winner you’ll have the opportunity to direct more people to your website to not only claim their prize but discover your other products and services.

●     YOUR SCRATCH CARD MARKETING - we’ve designed and printed your tantalising custom business scratch card, it’s ready to wow, but how will people know about it? Get the word out by strategically posting on social media, promoting it in your email bulletins, using in-store promotional materials and last but not least, by good old word-of-mouth.


Custom Scratch Card Basics

We’ve explained how our custom made scratch cards can boost your business, so now let’s break down the science behind these little marketing miracles.

Scratch Card 101

We’re familiar with the adrenaline rush that comes when we start scratching our (hopefully) winning card, but how do they work?

1.   Our scratch cards, designed to your exact specifications, come with a removable coating, made from latex or foil, that you can be scraped away with a coin or a fingernail (ideally a coin);

2.   Once scraped away, the prize is revealed, the nature of which is completely up to you. It could be a free or discounted product, a cash prize or something else entirely.

3.   Some where on the card we will clearly communicate how winners can collect their prize.You should have a web page up and ready for people to input their details and claim their booty. This is a great opportunity to collect personal information for future promotions (subject to data protection); we advise that you keep it simple and only request the simplest of contact information.

4.   To measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of your scratch card marketing campaign and track prizes and recipients, we recommend adding a unique serial number to each card.


How To Give Out Your Custom Scratch Cards

The good news is there are lots of ways to distribute your scratch cards to willing recipients.

You’ll soon find an enthusiastic queue forming at your next trade show or exhibition if you have a stack of custom scratch cards at your disposal, or maybe you’ll raise smiles, far and wide, by slipping one into your next catalogue or newsletter. Alternatively, entice browsers by inviting them to request one via your website or social media channels. The main thing to remember is to gather as much personal information as you can when redeeming winning prizes; after all, your custom scratch card campaign is part of your overall marketing strategy and as such your goal should be to build your customer list.


Ready To Start Your Custom Scratch Card Journey?

Here at LMR Creative, we’ve helped clients from all around the world create the perfect scratch card campaign for their business, and we’re ready to help you too.

Promote your business and delight your customers with your own unique scratch card by getting in touch with us now for a quote.

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