Guide to Scratch Cards

You’ve been tasked with finding an existing way to engage new and existing customers. After exploring various creative ideas, you’ve decided you want to use scratch cards in your latest marketing campaign. The problem is you’re not sure where to start! Lucky for you, the team at WeDo Scratch Cards have compiled a list of 4 points to consider...

1. Target audience: Talk to me!

Whether you are looking to breathe life in to your existing client list or be memorable and get the most out of your exhibition stand, it’s important to consider your target audience. Think about who will receive one of your scratch cards and what the potential outcome could be. WeDo Scratch Cards have a diverse range of clients and have produced lots of unique, one-off designs over the years! It’s important to make your concept imaginative and noteworthy.

2. Design: What are you looking at?

From the size and shape to the number of panels, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to the design of your scratch cards. If you’re a dab hand with design software you may want to supply your own artwork. While we encourage you to have as much creative input as possible, there’s no need to worry if your skills could use a little work. WeDo Scratch Cards offers a design service completely FREE of charge which you are more than welcome to take advantage of.

3. Prizes: Show me the money!

It’s important to consider prizes which will be of interest to your target audience. A brand-new Mercedes or a once in a lifetime trip to the Maldives might not be in your marketing budget, but you can still give your customer the opportunity to win something which is useful or beneficial. Discount codes, experiences or treatments and buy one get one free or 2 for 1 offers are also excellent ideas. There’s no reason why everyone can’t be a winner, even if the prize is small or of low value. Remember that your scratch cards are promoting your business, realistically nobody wants to be called a loser or told“sorry, better luck next time!”. If you are feeling flush remember there are some rules and regulations when offering prizes of monetary value. The team at WeDo Scratch Cards are always on hand to offer advice on this.

4. Unique numbering: One in a million!

Unique numbering is a great way to verify prize claims, maintain a good mix of winning and losing scratch cards and keep track of how many scratch cards have been handed out. It’s important to think about numbers and how you’re going to use them to maximise the opportunity. When it comes to helping you gather data and create a successful campaign, the team at WeDo Scratch Cards has experience in meeting specific requirements. We ensure that scratch cards are well mixed and we offer a choice of packing options. No challenge is too big – try us!

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