Employee Incentive Scratch Cards

Employee Incentives

Creating employee incentive scratch cards can be a fun and engaging way to motivate and reward your team. Here are some ideas for different types of rewards and themes you can use for your employee incentive scratch cards:

1. Monetary Rewards:

  • Cash bonuses (varying amounts)
  • Gift cards to popular stores or restaurants
  • Additional paid time off (PTO) hours
  • "Work from home" days

2. Professional Development:

  • Enrolment in an online course of their choice
  • Attendance at a conference or workshop
  • Membership to a professional organisation
  • One-on-one mentoring or coaching session

3. Team-Building Experiences:

  • Team lunch or dinner at a local restaurant
  • Escape room challenge with colleagues
  • Outdoor adventure activity (hiking, biking, etc.)
  • Virtual team-building event

4. Wellness and Relaxation:

  • Spa or wellness centre gift certificates
  • Subscription to a meditation or fitness app
  • Healthy snack box delivery for a month
  • Flexible start or end time for a week

5. Customised Perks:

  • Reserved parking spot for a week
  • "Casual dress" week
  • Opportunity to lead a special project
  • Recognition in a company-wide email or newsletter

6. Recognition and Appreciation:

  • Handwritten thank-you note from the CEO
  • Shout-out at a company meeting
  • Trophy or plaque for outstanding performance
  • Feature on the company's social media platforms

7. Surprise and Delight:

  • Mystery prizes (e.g., surprise gift box)
  • Virtual coffee chat with a company executive
  • Donut or ice cream delivery for the whole team
  • Random day off (without prior notice)

8. Skill-Based Rewards:

  • Bestowed with a new job title for a day
  • "Skip a Meeting" card
  • Opportunity to lead a training session
  • Take the lead on a high-priority project

9. Charitable Contributions:

  • Donation to a charity of their choice in their name
  • Volunteer day with a local nonprofit organisation
  • Company-sponsored charity event participation

10. Game or Adventure Themes:

  • Treasure hunt for the scratch card
  • Puzzle-solving challenges for bigger rewards
  • "Journey" scratch cards with different milestones and prizes
  • Adventure-themed scratch cards with different paths and outcomes

Remember to align the rewards with your company culture and the preferences of your employees. It's a good idea to mix and match different types of rewards and themes to keep things exciting and cater to a diverse range of interests and motivations. Additionally, make sure the scratch cards are well-designed, visually appealing, and easy to scratch off without causing frustration.

Employee Incentive Scratch Cards

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