Sports Club Scratch Cards

Sports Club

Sports Club Scratch Cards can increase on memberships, sales, and recognition. As part of marketing your events advertise that you will be giving away Scratch Cards with amazing prizes available at your sports event to entice people to attend. Maybe give away merchandise, offer free tickets for the next game, or get local businesses onboard and offer gifts or discounts from their stores/shops. Everyone loves to win especially whilst supporting their local club!

Many of customers also use our scratch off cards to raise funds for their Sport Clubs, Pub or Charity. Fundraising Charity Scratch Cards are a simple and effective way to quickly generate revenue, and with the ability to personalise with your own stake and prizes so you can use them again and again!

• Increase Merchandise Sales

• Increase Stadium Advertising

• Increase Attendance

• Promote Sportsmanship

• Increase Revenue

Sports Club Scratch Cards

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