In-store Promotional Scratch Cards

In-store Promotions

In-store promotions are just one way to communicate with your customer base and influence their buying decisions. Enticing discounts and tempting offers can sway potential buyers in favour of your products and/or services. People may already be aware of your brand and they just need nudging in the right direction to make a purchase. You could have an entirely new idea that you want to draw attention to through an introductory offer. Either way, promotional scratch cards are an effective way to convert sales. Let your customers scratch off the panels and discover the latest deals. You can...

  • Advertise New Products and/or Services
  • Create or Build Brand Awareness
  • Generate Sales During Off Peak Times
  • Increase Number of Customers
  • Increase Number of Visits
  • Offer Exclusive Reductions or Discounts
  • Promote Existing Products and/or Services

In-store Promotional Scratch Cards

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