Exhibition Handouts

Exhibition Handouts

Using scratch cards at exhibitions can be an engaging and interactive way to attract visitors to your booth or display. Here's how you can effectively use scratch cards at exhibitions:

Design and Printing:
• Create visually appealing scratch cards that match your brand's theme or the exhibition's purpose.
• Include your company logo, tagline, and any relevant graphics.
• Clearly indicate the instructions for using the scratch card.

Prize System
• Determine the type of prizes you will offer. These could range from small promotional items to discounts on your products/services.
• Consider having a mix of prizes to cater to different interests and incentives for participants.

Attractive Display

• Set up an eye-catching booth or display area to showcase the scratch cards.
• Use banners, posters, and well-lit areas to draw attention to the scratch card activity.

Engaging Staff

• Assign enthusiastic staff members to explain the activity to visitors and encourage them to participate.

• Train your staff to talk about your products or services while introducing the scratch card activity.

Clear Instructions

• Place clear instructions on how to use the scratch cards. Ensure participants know how to scratch off the surface to reveal potential prizes.

Interactive Element

• Incorporate an element of interactivity. For instance, participants might need to answer a simple question related to your business or products before they receive a scratch card.

Data Collection

• Use the scratch card activity as an opportunity to collect contact information (with the participant's consent) for future marketing efforts.

Limited-Time Offers

• Consider incorporating time-sensitive offers on the scratch cards to create a sense of urgency for participants to visit your booth.

Incorporate Technology

• Integrate QR codes or augmented reality features that provide additional information or a digital component to the scratch card experience.

Monitoring and Feedback

• Keep track of the number of participants and the prizes distributed to assess the success of the scratch card activity.

• Encourage participants to share their feedback, either on-site or through a digital platform, to improve future exhibitions.

Social Media Sharing

• Encourage participants to share their scratch card experience on social media, using event-specific hashtags or tags related to your brand.


• Follow up with participants who won prizes, providing information on how to redeem their rewards and introducing them to your products or services.

Remember, the goal is to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for participants while promoting your brand or products. Keep the engagement fun and interactive to leave a positive impression on exhibition attendees.

Exhibition Handouts

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